How To Fight A Speeding Ticket

How to fight a speeding ticket? This is the big question when you know you've stepped too much on the acceleration pedal and you see the blue lights of the police car in the rear mirror. There are no rules about how to fight a speeding ticket; you can try and convince the officer to let you go without any penalty or you may go to court and beat it there. When you take the matter into your own hands and try to solve the issue on the spot chances are that you will fail, however, many drivers try it. Here are a few mistakes commonly made when you don't know how to fight a speeding ticket.

The wrong attitude towards the police officer is not at all the perfect way to start. Statistics show that many people who are confident that they know how to fight a speeding ticket, take it the wrong way. Thus, do not take a “know-all”, sarcastic tone, this will surely annoy the police officer and will make it him or her even more determined to charge you. There are two courses of action you may choose from: you can either be totally open and honest and admit your fault, or you may say as little as possible and plead not-guilty.

The former situation is pretty risky since you do not know for sure whether the police officer will let you go with just a verbal warning. Having already admitted your guilt, it is most likely that the officer will put that down in the papers and you'll be beaten with your own words in court. There are no 100% valid tips on how to fight a speeding ticket under such circumstances. One thing is however clear, people who have exceeded the speed limit with just two or three miles are more likely to get away without having any points added to their driving license.

Last but not least, there are definitely more words of advice on how to fight a speeding ticket in court. There is no point in admitting that you were guilty of the violation that you are charged with; if you do so, you'll be paying higher insurance rates for the only reason of telling the truth. Of course, this would be a very reasonable and moral course of action: admit responsibility for your deed and do your best not to break the law again. Unfortunately, this is not the case! Many studies indicate that people who got a traffic ticket once are very likely to commit the same traffic rule violation again.

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