Beat A Speeding Ticket

We all get speeding tickets on our record, but there are times when you can escape with a clean record if you know how to deal with the situation. You may be surprised to learn that there are people who use all sorts of tips and tricks to beat a speeding ticket, and it really works for them. It is a false myth that fighting with a police officer will help you beat a speeding ticket: practice shows that you will never increase the chances of leniency like that. First of all, you've got to make the man like you, and then, maybe you've got a chance to escape with a clean record.

First of all, any encounter with the police will cause tension, sometimes on both parts; what you have to do is get rid of that tension. If you want to beat a speeding ticket, start by turning the lights in the car on, if you are stopped at night, and put the keys on the roof of the car as a sign of total submission. Think for a moment that the officer has to deal with lots of law breakers, and you definitely want to be exactly the opposite of such a person. You have to make the officer feel comfortable in your presence!

Once you have a nice attitude, obediently go through the basics, let him or her check the documents and do exactly as asked. Do not try to beat a speeding ticket at such a point as you may fail before even starting to talk. There are officers who won't even speak to you before all the formalities are over, so do not make an undecided situation worse. If you know to have broken the law, clearly admit it, tell the officer that he / she is right to have pulled you over.

In some cases you can beat a speeding ticket by merely admitting your fault and the fact that being a policeman must be pretty challenging. Many officers will not punish you any further when you show that you are aware of your mistake. The better you make the other person feel, the higher the chances to beat a speeding ticket. Ask to see the radar, but do not insist any further if the officer turns you down. In such case, ask some questions at least to show that you are interested in the case.

Do not use a sarcastic or I-know-all tone, as this will make the officer fight you even harder. When you plead your case, be argumentative, admit your mistake, but also point out what a big deal the fine would be for you. You have higher chances to beat a speeding ticket if you remain calm and ask for a penalty omission. Do not beg or grovel, be polite and open as much as you as your dignity allows it.

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