Grilling Steak

Though it seams like the easiest way of preparing a good piece of meat for lunch or dinner, grilling steak requires a little mastery too. The temperature at which you heat the grill, meat thickness, spices and seasonings, all play a very important role for making the perfect steak. Regardless of the type of meat you want to use, be it poultry, pork, venison or beef, there are several degrees of grilling steak from rare to medium rare and well done. One further element that needs to be taken into consideration is the meat texture: for instance pork and beef may require tenderizing due to the higher level of collagen in the meat structure.

Let's take beef for example: the ideal dimension for grilling steak is one inch and a half in such a case, and making small cuts along the muscle fibers will speed up the cooking process too. Don't make the mistake of putting very cold or frozen meat directly on the grill, this will definitely affect the taste and flavor of the steak; get ready for grilling steak in advance and let the meat gradually get at room temperature. Or you could very well use the microwave unfreeze option as a shortcut here.

When grilling steak, most people keep turning the meat from one side to the other; the general cooking rule here is to only flip-flop it after at least five minutes of grilling on one side. How can one tell when the grilling steak process is over? This very much depends on how cooked you want the meat to be; don't make the mistake of judging this by the brownish color the meat gets, as this is tricky. It is meat firmness that gives you the hint: if you want it rare, than the meat should feel spongy when you press it with the back of your fork.

In case you want it medium rare, the fork should encounter some resistance when pressed against the steak, and last but not least, true firmness is the one that indicates when the steak is well done. Grilling steak may have its challenges, but when you get to prepare it once, you surely won't make the same mistakes the second time. Spices and seasonings are usually of the cook's choice, since various combinations are possible; yet pepper and chilly are probably among the elements that cannot miss from the combination.

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