Omaha Steak

If anyone came to know the story of Omaha Steak Company or which is also known as Omaha Steaks, they would discover that behind a great business lies the devotion to a job, a way of living and a belief. Omaha steak is the “baby” of a family in the state of Nebraska that have become famous nationwide for the great steak they prepare. Since 1917 when the business was started, the area of activity was much extended. Now, those who got famous for the Omaha steak, are distributing other goodies nationwide: beef, chicken, pork, seafoods, poultry as well as a line of desserts and appetizers.

The Omaha Steak Company ships orders in special insulated and cooled packages, preserved with the help of dry ice, thus serving the entire United States territory. There is a true feast that you can order directly on the Internet, and thus solve the problem of the food for a party you are throwing for instance. Moreover, there are price discounts for special orders, so it's definitely good to have a look over the promotion categories the Omaha Steak include in their menus. You'd be surprised to learn that you could be saving up to twenty bucks or more. Shipping terms are also interesting, as for special deliveries there is no fee charged.

But what is it that makes the Omaha steak such a great dish? Though we are all used to great recipes being kept secret, this is not the case here, as the way of preparing this nation specialty has spread among connoisseurs. However, don't expect to get exactly the same taste of the Omaha steak that you'd experience if you had the original one. There is more to food preparation than a simple combination of ingredients; this is why the same dish cooked by two different persons will taste different even when they've used the exact same ingredients.

Spices make the most important and relevant combination for the Omaha steak taste: choose some meat cuts of your choice and prepare the following mixture. Put mild chilly powder, with dry oregano, garlic powder and thyme together, the right quantity for each is one tablespoon. Then, you'll have to rub this spice combination into the meat until it forms some sort of dry crust; think of the operation as using sandpaper. Leave it for a quarter of an hour for the spices to do their work and then heat the barbecue or grill. Only put the meat on when you're sure the grill is very hot; however keep the fire medium. Depending on how well-done you want the meat, you can decide how much to cook it on each side. Enjoy your meal!

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