Pepper Steak

There is not just one recipe for cooking pepper steak but hundreds, each more delicious than the other, with various culinary peculiarities depending on the cultural area where it is cooked. I'd like to start by sharing a great green pepper steak with you, that works best with pork and beef. Though not impossible, pepper steak with poultry is not the best of combinations, given the fact that chicken for instance is considered a very light kind of meat. Pepper has great digestive properties, not to mention that it adds up to the already strong flavor specific to red meat.

For the green pepper steak we are going to speak about, the strongest recommendation goes for beef. To the great delight of some people, pounding may not be necessary at all. Freezing the meat is one first solution for tenderizing it. For instance, if you buy the meat already frozen, let it get to the room temperature gradually; don't take the shortcut with the microwave as the effect is not at all the same. Or if you buy the meat fresh, put it in the freezer for at least twelve hours and then follow the same procedure. Pounding is not advisable for this pepper steak since the meat has to remain spongy, not flat.

The other viable tenderizing solution is keeping the beef in a wine marinade with spices over night. Whichever your choice, go for it! Thicker slices of beef are usually required for this green pepper steak since at the end of the preparation the meat has to be medium rare at the most. You can either grill or broil it for five minutes on each side, but only after having added spices. Thyme, chilly and garlic are the ones recommended, not pepper! Now, it is high time we revealed the sauce recipe.

You will need 2 mid-sized onions, 100 g of butter, 300 g of sour cream, 5 tbs of green pepper beans, 2 tbs of flour and 100 ml of milk. For preparing the dressing of this pepper steak you have to chop and sear the onion in the hot butter; when it gets brownish add the green pepper and a little milk. Let it boil together for about two minutes, then add the sour cream mixed with the four and the rest of the milk. Stir the composition on a very low fire until it is homogeneous and thick enough, than pour it over the sauce. Add a little thyme and salt according to your taste and serve it hot!

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