Broil Steak

Tastes vary from one person to another when it comes to steak: some prefer it well made, some others want to feel the juicy taste of a pink center and so on. Here are a few tips to help you broil steak like a chef, since broiling is the best way to make sure that the meat gets the exact degree of cooking that suits one's taste. From rare to well done, such a dish makes lunch or dinner a true feast!

The pan used to broil steak has to be well heated, but the thickness of the meat is an important issue to consider as related to the time of cooking required. The thinner the steak the sooner you'll eat; yet for those who love it red and juicy things are even simpler. Five minutes on each side, and the steak is ready to serve!

Spices are everything when you broil steak; besides the pepper, chilly and garlic powder you should sprinkle on meat, there are other ingredients to add in the pan in mid-cooking process when the steak has already left some juice. Laurel leaves, a drop of olive oil and some coriander will make the combination a true delight for the senses.

A high heat setting at the oven will ensure a fast way to broil steak, as the food will pass to cooking point within minutes. The incredible taste and the aroma of such a dish can also be influenced by the use of an aluminum foil over the pan; not only heat but steam contributes to the process too, as all the juices remain in the pan by means of condensation. This makes the taste richer and softer.

When you broil steak you need to be very careful about how much you let it cook on each side; this very much depends on how well done you want the meat to be: five minutes for red juicy steak and ten for a well done one. After you turn it on the other side, add up the same spices for a complete taste and leave it another five or ten minutes. When time's up, it's ready to serve!

One very common question people ask is whether to add salt when they broil steak. This is a tricky fact since salt can either enhance the taste or ruin the steak depending on the situation; anyone who wants a well-done steak is free to add salt before broiling since it will take the juices out sooner and better. But, in case you want the steak to be soft and reddish, salt is definitely not recommended.

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