3m Reflective Tape

Many activities and occupational situations place one in the position of being exposed to hazards and the risk of accidents, and this is particularly common for outdoor activities carried on at night time. The use of 3M reflective tape is very often the solution chosen by many runners, hikers, bikers and so on to increase visibility and be noticed from the distance when in the dark. 3M reflective tape is designed in such a way so as to be easy to stick on nearly any surface, without any chance of peeling off during an activity. On the contrary, the adhesive backing provides optimal fixation and ensures quality use.

The great advantage of 3M reflective tape is that it can be used for trucks, cars, carts and other vehicles that require an increased visibility at night. Statistics show that the number of collisions on public roads has been drastically reduced thanks to the highly reflective adhesive tape used on the back of the vehicles. The 3M reflective tape is usually far brighter than any other form of reflective item, having special dyes and phosphorus in the making. The importance of the angle of reflection should not be overlooked here since without a 90 angle, the efficiency is not the same.

There are special laws addressing the safety in traffic that require the use of special 3M reflective tape as a supplementary means of visibility in the traffic particularly at night time or on fog and blizzard conditions. A variety of adhesive tape models is presently available on the market, and the choice is usually determined according to the type of material on which the 3M reflective tape is applied. Thus, there will definitely be a distinction between the adhesive type used on hard surfaces and that which is required by sew-on flexible applications.

It is not uncommon to sew 3M reflective tape on schoolbags and children's clothing, particularly if they ride a bike to and from school. Many people actually buy several sets of such adhesive tape to have around the house, as one never knows when it could be handy and highly useful. The structure of many 3M reflective tape models includes the tiniest form of glass beads that reflect light a lot better than any white material for instance. There are no restrictions when it comes to the many uses of 3M reflective tape, it has countless applications and there are no special conditions required for the most effective of usages.

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