Baby Teeth

Every child is different and if you're wondering about when your little one will grow his or her baby teeth, then, it should happen sometime between four and seven months of age. And there are signs that the big event is happening, and they surely can't be missed. First of all, the baby will be drooling a lot and be in a little altered mood, crying without any apparent reason.

The first to appear are the two front baby teeth at the bottom, and parents usually ask themselves about how they can help their offspring teeth without any problems. Here are a few tips about how to cope with the appearance of baby teeth.

First of all, you should know that the process is painless as a rule, nevertheless, baby teeth are surely felt by the little one as certain changes occur in the body. You can alleviate much of the “stress” that affects the child by giving the baby some cold teething ring or a cold cloth to chew. Though there are companies that produce special gels to alleviate teething symptoms, these should be used carefully and only at the recommendation of the pediatrician.

Otherwise gum sensitivity could appear together with some digestive symptoms. The appearance of baby teeth doesn't cause fever, so if your child shows any high temperature signs, they must be related to something else, therefore, talk to the doctor right away.

Baby teeth are known to grow better if the child is breast fed for a longer period of time; yet, if the mother no longer has milk, it is advisable to avoid giving the child any sweet drink like juice or flavored milk. Such products usually contain sugar that is detrimental to dental development.

Baby teeth require careful brushing right from the moment when they appear. Before the baby turns one, the gums and baby teeth can be cleaned with a wet washcloth or some gauze, and only after the age of one the use of a soft toothbrush with a little fluoride-free toothpaste is allowed.

The risk of cavity formation for baby teeth is pretty high, therefore, you'll have to take the child to the dentist as early as possible especially if you know to have given the little one sweets. Try to prepare the child before the visit to the dentist, try to familiarize him or her with the doctor and the cabinet before you actually take him or her there for some form of treatment.

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