Baby Teething

The baby teething process begins long before the baby's birth, when he or she is still in the mother's womb. A healthy diet rich in calcium will ensure a proper dental formation and will also help the mother remain in good shape. Before baby teething as such there are small swellings in the gum area where the eruption is to take place. Even if the first teeth are not permanent, this is no reason to neglect them: tooth decay or tooth loss may have a very important impact on the formation of the adult teeth.

It is a good idea for parents to learn how to take care of the child's teeth long before the baby teething process starts since oral hygiene rules need to be applied from the appearance of the very first tooth. You can either use a delicate toothbrush or a soft piece of cloth that has been well cleaned beforehand. It is not necessary to use a toothpaste right after baby teething, washing the baby's mouth with purified water is enough.

Baby teething is usually accompanied by all sorts of symptoms that include drooling, irritability, the tendency to chew or bite as well as the redness and the swelling of the gums. The pains caused by the eruption of a tooth may last for a few days and they can be alleviated with the help of special rubber toys previously cooled in the freezer.

Gels and cold liquids are other remedies to be used for baby teething, yet such products need to be administered cautiously since they may jeopardize the child's health. In case the baby is having very intense pain, you can ask the pediatrician for a mild pain killer. Advil may be a solution but only in the form especially designed for children. If the child is drooling excessively make sure you keep a correct hygiene of the face so as to avoid skin rashes and irritations.

It is extremely important that you be extra careful with the clothes the child wears during the baby teething period; the baby is far more sensitive at such times and he or she may easily catch a cold. It may happen that one of the first teeth could accidentally become loose; do not rush for the extraction solution. It is advisable to do all your best to preserve the tooth in its place; hence, avoid giving your child solid food for a few hours and contact the dentist immediately.

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