Firestone Tires

Bridgestone or Firestone tires are the best tires that suit any of your vehicles. Firestone tires have been designed with new technology to provide high performance and durability. The firestone tires have long history over 100 years. The company was founded by Harvey Firestone in 1900.

The two major types of Firestone tires are Race tires and street tires. The street tire is 8 inches width and the weight of this tire is 33 pounds. The tread design is unique and so it allows the tire to run on all terrains. The lifetime warranty is given by the company for 80000 miles. The long lasting performance is one of the main advantages of Firestone tires.

Firestone Race tires are 14 inches width and the weight is 22 pounds. It is more suitable for dry road conditions. The steering control and the 100% rubber footprint are the two main features of these tires.

Firestone fire hawk SZ 50 is a high performance tire designed to provide driver comfort. These tires have innovative beads and unique carcass shape. They are ultra performance street tires that have unique tread design to run on any roads.

Firestone fire hawk wide oval is a first class summer tire. Previously the wide oval tires have bias ply model. Now they are radial wide oval tires that are suitable for high performance sports cars. They are specially designed to offer durability and performance on wet and dry roads. As they are summer tires, you should not use them on snowy or icy roads. It has twin seat belts wrapped on nylon ply to offer puncture resistance capability. They offer stability and high-speed performance. They are quieter than other summer tires. They provide long lasting performance. You can use the tires in carrying heavy loads also.

Firestone fire hawk GT is an all season high performance tire. Therefore, you can ride on wet, dry or snowy roads. The beads, casing and tread are exclusively designed to maximize the driver comfort and stability. The high silica tread compound in these tires offer stability while leaning towards the corner. The twin steel belts wrapped in nylon ply offer durability. The fabric used in his tire is polyester that offers fantastic durability and thus resist frequent puncture.

The fire hawk GT tires are designed to be used in cars, light trucks etc. these tires produce less noise and superb ride quality. The unique side wall style and tread design offers ultimate performance.

Passenger all season tires are available in reasonable prices and they offer high performance in all seasons. It provides enhanced comfort for the driver. The silica compound used in the tire provides maximum strength and stability. The polyester cord body provides smooth running. The beads are designed to offer custom fit to the wheel.

On\Off road all terrain tires can be used well in light trucks, vans etc. AS the name itself implies the tires are suitable fro all climatic conditions. They perform well even in snow. They resist frequent wear and tear and thus provide high performance for longer period. The polyester cord body offers smooth ride.

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