Michelin Tires

Michelin tires have wide variety of tires to suit cars, vans and SUVs. It has excellent grip features that allow you to ride on any weather conditions. You can get better handling in all winter conditions. It offers control in slippery conditions. This will help you to get a comfortable ride. The Michelin tires possess high quality and reliability.

Michelin car tires:

The Michelin car tires offer high performance and they provide ultimate safety to the riders. They offer driver comfort. The Michelin Tourism tires are ideal for carrying heavy loads. More than 200 car-manufacturing companies have approved the Michelin tires. The tires provide excellent handling and thus they provide extreme performance. The Michelin pilot sport model tires meet he highest standards and they are approved as original equipment in BMW model cars. Michelin tires provide extreme mobility and safety. They offer high grip and cushioned touch on the ground. Therefore, they offer maximum comfort for the driver.

The tires require different type of materials to be used in their manufacturing. More than 200 components are required to make attire. It should provide rugged toughness and at the same time, they should be smooth in operation and should provide comfort. Michelin considers all the points and thus they manufacture tires through their innovative and constant efforts. As a result, they are offering sophisticated tires.

Michelin winter tires:

The winter tires are made up of durable material so that they can provide maximum grip on snowy roads. The heavy-duty rubber used in winter tire manufacturing will help in getting flexibility in low temperatures. You can drive easily through snowy roads as the tires work like claws to bite the snow on roads.

Michelin Heavy goods tires:

The heavy and efficient Michelin tires are more suitable for trucks. The maximum life span of Michelin truck tires is double the normal tires and so they can provide long lasting performance. They can be used in riding vehicle while carrying heavy loads. They have high puncture resistance capability. They prevent frequent over heating of trucks and thereby save much fuel.

Michelin Agriculture tires:

These tires are ideal for tractors. They can be used to run on soil and they suit any tractor model. These tires will help in completing the agriculture work fast. It guarantees minimum packing of soil. They provide longer life span than other tires. They have increased tread profile.

Michelin tires for motor cycles, bikes and scooters:

For any two wheelers grip and safety are the two main features. Michelin tires serve the two purposes well. These tires can run on any road types and on all climatic conditions. These tires never sacrifice the quality and comfort. The soft rubber used in these tires provide maximum grip when leaning. They can be used for on road sports bikes also.

Michelin Air craft tires:

Normally aircraft tires require special technology. Michelin tires meet the requirement. At take off the tire will tolerate the maximum speed at short period. These tires will not suffer from frequent wear and tear and thus they provide long lasting performance. These tires are the safest and thus they are being used by major airlines.

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