Nokian Tires

Nokian tires are the world's safest tires. The main aim of the Nokian tire manufacturers is to increase the safety measure of their tires by at least 10 % every year. They are dedicated to provide safest tires to customers. They produce summer and winter tires for cars. They are the largest tire manufacturers in Nordic countries. That means they manufacture tires that are suitable for countries that have changing seasons. Such Nordic countries include North America, Russia, Eastern European countries etc.

Nokian light truck tires

These tires are designed to offer smooth and noiseless performance. Nokian Vativa M\T tires are suitable for muddy terrains. These tires will never get stuck in mud. The innovative tread design and shoulder lugs provide best performance in wet conditions. The alternative lugs will help in self-cleaning the dirt and mud. The special design offers smooth and quiet operation. The unique buttress design provides sharp biting edges in the sidewall and thus performs well in any traction.

Nokian studded tires

Nokian studded tires have lot of carbide studs that will last for longer period. The studs are embedded in the tires and will never project out from the tire. These studded tires help to ride in snowy or icy roads. You will have better stability and handling control while riding on the snow tracks. Normally studded tires have the major problem that the studs will not get fixed in the tire. Such draw back is rectified in Nokian studded tires.

Nokian Roll speed tires

Nokian Roll speed Xl tires are ideal for street bikes. They have easy rolling capacity and they provide more comfort to the rider. They are made up of non-toxic silica rubber compound and thus they are strong and reliable. They have the most beneficial feature called Anti puncture feature. They can prevent frequent punctures. Therefore, you need not spend more on wear and tear.

Nokian Roll speed TS is a fast rolling and durable tire. It is also made up of non-toxic thermo silica rubber compound. They have high quality reflective stripes. They are suitable for long tours. They come in two sizes.

Roll speed LX is an easy rolling tire suitable for tours. They are available in black and white colors and in two sizes. These tires have durable gum walls with the exterior cover of beads.

Nokian winter tires:

Freddie SW336 is a studded tire suitable for winter. The inner frame is made up of light aluminum. The tire is made up of winter rubber compound. It has light and flexible sidewalls with white beads covering.

Extreme 294 is an all round winter tire. It is made up of non-toxic winter rubber compound. It has durable steel studs that will provide maximum grip and flexibility in snowy roads.

Mount and Ground w 160 is a 26 inch studded tire suitable for city bikes. The durable steel studs help in getting grip in snowy or icy tracks. It is made up of non-toxic snow tread rubber. It has durable gum wall with wire beads covering.

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