Pro Comp Tires

Pro comp tires are manufactured with the help of computer aided design. They offer high performance as well as driver comfort.

X Terrain 2 ply tires:

The computerized aided design in these tires allows controlling the wind travel and thereby offering quiet operation. The unique groove design in lugs makes it suitable for both on or off road traction. These tires perform well in mud, soil, dirt, rocks and snow roads. The lugs are designed opened in alternative sides and so it has self-cleaning capability. The tires have complete grip on all road conditions. This tire has extra thick sidewalls to prevent cracks and cuts. Therefore, these tires will not result in frequent wear and tear. The 2 ply polyester construction offers puncture resistance.

X Terrain 3 ply tires:

The new innovative tread design in this tire ensures maximum puncture resistance. The three-ply sidewall offers total flexibility in all road conditions. The sidewalls are designed extra thick to resist cuts, scraps and cracks. The tire has enhanced biting edge to make it suitable for mud roads. The heavy-duty rubber used in the tire manufacturing helps in running on rocks.

All Terrain tires:

Pro comp tires' advanced technology offers the maximum mileage of 50000 miles on any weather conditions. The two-ply polyester body assures maximum puncture resistance. The dual sidewall rubber helps in providing total flexibility. It can run on low air pressure also. It prevents over heating and therefore it saves fuel. The unique tread pattern allows maximum grip on all tractions. The dual radial tread helps to run in snowy or wet roads.

Mud terrains 2 ply tires:

These tires have three lug shoulders that have wide open for getting improved traction and self-cleaning. The Dual Guard Polyester 2 ply body helps in providing flexibility and maximum puncture resistance. The 90-degree siping pattern provides extra traction.

Mud terrains 3 ply tires:

These are the most popular mud tires. It can dig deep into the mud terrains. It offers smooth and quiet operation on muddy roads. The 3-ply sidewall offers maximum puncture resistance and total flexibility. The unique shoulder lugs help to perform well in rocks or mud.

Xtreme Mud terrain tires:

These tires combine the advantages of 3-ply and 10-degree radial angle technology. The polyester body helps in attaining maximum puncture resistance. They offer flexibility in both on or off road. The extra thick sidewalls resist cuts and cracks. Thus these tires are cost effective tires since you need not spend more on frequent tire damage or tire failure.

Xtreme All terrain tires:

These tires are suitable for all road conditions. You can use them in wet and dry roads. This Pro comp tire can be used to run in street and in dirt. It provides maximum 40000 mileages. They provide extreme performance and extreme load capacity. The durable rubber with steel inner layer offers long lasting performance on any weather conditions. They are offered for sale only after full testing. They have undergone a hard test for five winters. Hence, they are safe on all weather conditions.

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