Tires Plus

Tires Plus has been successful for the past 34 years in providing various tire services. Their major objective is that they will not sell tires but they help you to buy tires. They have trained professionals who can help you in choosing right tires for your vehicle. They are honest and straightforward and so you will not be forced to purchase any brand of tires.

The Tires Plus aims at customer satisfaction and guest enthusiasm. They believe that the happy guests and satisfied customers are the key to successful marketing. They meet the demands of the customers well as they sell tires at low prices. They have more than 500 stores in 23 states and they are the Total car care servicing company in US.

Tire Plus offers wide variety of tires that suit various vehicles. You can get any tire either economical tire or ultra high performance tire from Tire Plus. You can get the tires of any popular brand tires like Bridgestone, Good year, Michelin etc.

You can select your tire by searching in the Tire Plus web site. There are three effective ways of searching like search by vehicle, search by size and advanced search. Once you had finished searching, you can get the price and other details of tires online.

Tires Plus helps the customer in all assembling work or repairing the existing tires correctly. They also help in replacing the tire, which was completely worn out. The technical experts in Tires Plus provide tire installation services, repairing and oiling and filtering work. They ensure proper completion of all work. They provide mounting and demounting services for your tires.

You can get good tires from Tires Plus. You can buy from them with great confidence. You should remember that tires and other services will not be recommended unless they are needed. The lowest price and customer satisfaction are the main reasons for the success of Tires Plus.

Tires Plus offers tires at low price and you can get the first service when you traveled for 3000 miles or 90 days from the date of purchase whichever is earlier. If there are any unsatisfactory feedbacks then Tires Plus experts will rectify it without any additional charge.

Their Price back guarantee ensures to refund 200 % money back if they did not match any comparable services within 30 days from the date of tire purchase.

You can find any Tires Plus store nearby your locality simply by entering your zip code in the Tires Plus web site. Then you will get a list of nearby stores. You can also get online appointment easily at any of the Tires Plus stores. You will be treated well by the friendly staffs in the stores.

You can get the online appointment immediately within 24 hours from Tires Plus. You can select the State and city and the store hat can meet your requirements fully. Apart from tires and services they also offer other services like auto repairs, brake services and so on.

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