Numerous varieties and sizes of tires available will suit your vehicle. You should always fix custom fit tires in the wheels in order to avoid any tire damage or physical injury. Tires are normally made up of heavy-duty rubber. Nowadays common fabric material like polyester is used for designing tires with or without tubes inside. There are number of reputed brands of tires available in the market. You should select them according to the vehicle type. There are separate tires for passenger cars, mini vans, trucks, off road karts, sports car, and motor bike and so on. Therefore, you should select the tire by analyzing various points.

If you do not have adequate knowledge in tire selection or tire mounting then you can ask the help of technical experts in this field. Normally the dealers of every popular brand of tire will reside nearby your locality. You can seek the help of such experts to select the correct size tire. Improper size of tires always lead to problems like tire failure, physical injuries and death.

Normally the tires are divided into two type Conventional and modern. The conventional model tires are made up of durable rubber while the modern radial model tires are made up of polyester. The modern tires are designed o provide long lasting performance. They have puncture resistance capability and thus you need not spend more on maintenance. Generally, the radial model tires will last up to 60000 kilo meters.

If you strike on anything, your tire will be damaged. Then you need not replace the tires. Instead, ask the help of the dealers to fix the damage. If the damage is heavy then the technician, will advice you to replace the tire. If you buy new tires for your vehicle then you should arrange for proper alignment. Proper alignment will reduce the chance of wear and tear. It will also help in improving the mileage and thereby saves in fuel costs.

The installation of tires in wheels is not a simple procedure and so you should not do it by yourself. Some companies will offer free installation also. You should also remember to check up the air pressure of tires regularly. Any cracks, cuts etc on tires will lead to tire failure. However if you notice it earlier then you can avoid any heavy damage.

The tire gauge will help you to check the air pressure in tires. You should always avoid under inhalation of tires. You can also use Extreme black Tire dressing to provide additional shine and protection to tires. It is easy to apply and it will last for longer period. It is non toxic and biodegradable.

You should not use the chemical cleaners or bleach to clean the tire. This will damage the tires. You can get the separate tire cleaner from stores and use it by adding into water. If you use radial model tires then use the same for all the four wheels. Mixing the bias and radial model wheels will trouble the vehicle.

Select the tires that provide you more comfort and grip. It should run on all surfaces and in all climatic conditions. You can compare the prices of various brand tires in online stores and then select the most suitable tire that suits your budget.

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