Yokohama Tires

Yokohama tires provide high performance by using innovative Nano-technology that helps to run on all road surfaces. Yokahama S drive with Nano technology provides outstanding grip. The silica-based compound used in these tires provides maximum grip on wet and dry roads. The groove net works help in removing rainwater and thus enhances the performance in wet roads. These tires offer more stability and provide maximum comfort to the driver. They reduce the chance o frequent wear and tear.

Yokohama offers wide variety of tires to suit passenger cars, commercial trucks, light trucks, buses and off road trucks.

Yokohama ultra high performance tires:

ADVAN Neova tires from Yokohama are the best performance tire in US. These tires are offered for sale after indulging in strong computer simulations, laboratory tests and toughest racing circuits. The experts will reject any tire with small damages and blemishes. Therefore, they are offering ultra high performance tires that are suitable for your cars.

ADVAN sports are another ultrahigh performance tire that offers high speed. These tires ensure excellent handling and steering. They can be used on wet conditions also. They offer maximum grip on wet roads. They also provide driver comfort.

ADVAN S.T is suitable for high performance SUVs. These are the fastest SUV tires in the world. They also assure excellent handling responses.

S drive tires from Yokohama offers stunning performance since they use new technologies in the manufacturing process. They provide superb grip and smooth handling. There are more than 70 sizes under S drive. They are ideal for your luxurious cars.

Yokohama PARADA spec 2 model tires are designed to provide tuner performance. They are famous for their performance and their attractive look. They are suitable for cars and they assure maximum comfort to the driver.

AVS sport is an ultra high performance tire that is designed with unique Y tread pattern. The silica compound used in the manufacturing process offers excellent grip on wet conditions. They are durable and thus they offer long lasting performance.

Yokohama passenger tires:

AVID TRZ tires are suitable for all seasons. They can be used well for long journeys. They have superior puncture resistance capability. They provide excellent comfort and safety for the driver. They suit all road conditions.

AVID Touring is another passenger tire that can be used for long driving. They are safe and comfortable. They prevent over heating and thus they are cost efficient. They are durable and thus offer long lasting performance.

Yokohama Snow tires:

Yokohama W drive tires are suitable for passenger and SUVs that run on winter conditions. They provide excellent grip on snowy roads. Therefore, the driver can ride safely and confidently. These tires provide fast performance even on winter.

Ice guard tires help the driver to ride smoothly on snow and ice. The snowy weather conditions will not be a hurdle for riding with the help of Ice guard tires. The unique tread design bites though the icy roads.

Original equipment tires:

You can get any size or model of tires that suit your vehicle. Yokohama has wide variety of tires that suit any vehicle irrespective of the year of manufacturing. The custom fit tires from Yokohama ensure driver safety and thus he can ride on any road with confidence.

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