Horizon Treadmill

Any Horizon treadmill comes with an offer that won't break your bank account, Horizon models provide many functions and options that only high performance machines have. Horizon treadmills are generally famous for their balance between a very small cost and a medium quality level. Any beginner might be inclined to buy a fancier model, but it is advisable to acquire a cheaper device that can offer the same performance to a novice.

When training is carried on at the amateurish level, the athlete won't even tell the difference between a Horizon treadmill and a more sophisticated device. In terms of cost efficiency, a Horizon treadmill doesn't have a match in its category as the average price usually ranges somewhere between several hundreds and $2,000, so a wide range of models is covered.

Despite the fact that many trainers are advised to pay something extra and upgrade the Horizon treadmill device most people are content with their choice and buy the standard medium model. A classical Horizon treadmill includes specific features in the category such as: shock absorption functions, easy fold system and a fan that keeps the runner cool.

Some body building trainers speak about the number of facilities Horizon machines provide, but according to many voices the relationship price-features is not even. The single logical explanation they say for this mismatch is that the company have reduced the quality for the system parts like the engine.

The Horizon treadmill is suitable for most people who haven't gone to the gym before; yet, for those who take body building and working out their muscles as an integrated part of their lifestyle, a fancier machine model will do better. One further advantage of the Horizon treadmill lies in its practical design as it can be easily assembled and moved all over the house.

The simplest Horizon treadmill model, the T51 costs almost $700, it is very Spartan-looking but it offers the most important features in the range; this model is easy to fold and pack allowing to be deposited in any convenient place. The T52 is about $900 and it is mostly identical with its predecessor, it just has more programs installed.

The next Horizon treadmill models simply include more and more settings and functions that increase the price but there is no significant change in the main components of the machine. The top model, the T54 has a price reaching $1,400, it has an impressive number of functions, programs and settings, it even includes some special designed programs that control the heart beating rate, and it reaches a top speed of 12mph at an inclination angle ranging with maximum 12%.

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