Landice Treadmills

Landice treadmills are popular machines that most home users and popular health clubs recommend. Their warranty is very good and advantageous for any owner, extending for lifetime for the engine block. With their unique design they attract most of the new enthusiasts in fitness exercising: there are models that are build up like a car, they use ignition keys and have a gear shift for increasing speed, moreover, they provide several disc CD players, like in the case of the L8 model. You can try each model to get an idea about what you can do with it, and only then purchase the one you find most suitable.

Landice treadmills come with a system of four belts that absorb shocks very well, and the display includes complex graphics that measure the athlete's performance. More evolved models allow distinct users to use the same machine while using their private settings as the system can memorize individual preferences. With over 35 years of activity Landice Inc. produced over 50 000 treadmills for health clubs and gyms, and given these figures Landice treadmills are considered commercial series even if many professional users prefer them.

Most Landice treadmills have a spicy price that reflects the high quality the product has, there are also lighter models that enthusiasts may buy. All models come with a large surface for running or walking and a strong engine that generates 3hp. Weight restrictions aren't a problem, as the machine tolerates up to 500 pounds; Landice treadmills also use a good cushioning for avoiding any kind of injury especially to knees or joints. The biggest disadvantage of the devices is the high price of the models, but to some customers the more the money, the higher the quality.

Landice treadmills are very appreciated in weight loss programs, because of their quality and good performances these machines can be very well adapted to body building exercises; for runners Landice models are one of the best offer on the market. The L8 model comes with a running surface of 22 x 63 inches, a maxim weight of 500 pounds and a 15 % angle variation. The speed can be set between 0.5 and 12 mph. L7, L8 and L9 are all heavy models that are best suitable for fitness clubs, they all have high quality standards and long warranties to meet the most rigorous expectations. Most Landice treadmills include so many functions and programs that a normal user never uses.

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