Pacemaster Gold Treadmill

Treadmills have a long tradition in both health recovery and sports training; among the gear options a professional runner can choose from the Pacemaster gold treadmill is one of the best. This extraordinary treadmill costs $2,199, and it provides such a high quality standard that it has become one of the emblems of Pacemaster company. If you convince the dealer to drop the price with a hundred dollars this is probably the best possible deal you will ever get since this machine looks and moves as close to perfection as it can be. The “Treadmill Doctor”, one of the most appreciated critics in the treadmill industry, gives this model an 8.1 rating out of 10. The appreciation is very enthusiastic as this machine comes very close in quality and performance to much more expensive models.

Most user reviews about the Pacemaster gold treadmill confirm the “Treadmill doctor”'s opinion that this is a professional and useful machine for any person who wants to take fitness very seriously. Pacemaster models are all by definition well built, and they are labeled as a landmark of high quality American industry. Even if most companies now manufacture their products in Asian countries, because of the low employment costs, the Pacemaster company is among the few businesses that didn't want to sacrifice quality for lower prices. One other feature that tells something about this company's credo is that products are sold only in professional stores. Therefore you won't find a Pacemaster gold treadmill model near the milk stand in the local store like other sports items. The list with the shops that sell quality Pacemaster treadmills can be found easily on the Internet so there is no difficulty in finding a good retailer.

At present Pacemaster produces four series of treadmills for home users: the Bronze, the Silver, the Gold and the Platinum versions. As it can be seen from this brief classification the Pacemaster gold treadmill is part of the superior treadmill category. It's not the best model produced by the company but it is certainly one of the best sold products due to the reasonable price and the high power. All models come with the same McMillan motor that has a 12-year warranty. The one year labor warranty is something common to all producers in this price segment so there is nothing special about it. The inclination angle can be varied with a maximum of 15 degrees with a variation step of 0.5%. The Gold and the Platinum series have a 20x60 inches running surface which is very appropriate for sprinters who want to exercise their starts.

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