Proform Crosswalk Treadmill

The treadmill industry has changed a lot over time, during the first stages of development there was a strictly medical interest in treadmills, later on people started to like using these machines just for fun or to keep their weight under control even if they were healthy. Today the market has grown to an incredible extent, thousands and thousands of treadmills are sold every month all over world. From the crowded cities of Japan to Australia and USA, treadmills are starting to be found in more and more houses.

Amount the biggest producers, the Proform company occupies a privileged position owing to the fact that anyone can afford a Proform crosswalk treadmill. With a price that ranges between $399 and $1500 Proform crosswalk treadmill models are known to be the solution for thousands of persons that want to work out. Customers most often prefer buying a cheaper but efficient device that is more than enough for any gym enthusiastic.

Most Proform crosswalk treadmill varieties are cheap but the question many buyers ask is whether they are worth their price. Luxurious optional features like TV and MP3 player included are to be found only with the more expensive models. How is it possible then for a treadmill that is so cheap to come up with so impressive a technology?

Since the Proform crosswalk treadmill models are assembled abroad, in Asian countries, the production prices tend towards zero when compared to the manufacturing costs on the American soil. Another opinion that is much more critical of the company's policy claims that the producer uses the lowest quality materials available on the market and that the machines are designed to work just until their warranties are off. It is true that the materials aren't the best but it is normal to use cheap materials for a cheap product.

No company can afford using high quality standards at a model that is sold for only $399, it is obvious that you can't compare this cheap Proform crosswalk treadmill with other brand names that cost ten times more, it is like comparing a Mercedes with some cheap popular car. The Proform advantages are very clear: the price is the company's secret weapon.

However the Proform crosswalk treadmill has other disadvantages too; an alternative option is the Smooth treadmill that has similar prices but lifetime warranty for the engine. Furthermore, Proform engines are pretty weak and tend to burn more easily than other recognized brand names; consequently, if you like to run several hours a day consider buying a more powerful model.

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