Sole Treadmills

Sole Fitness company is a very new brand on the market but despite all competition they managed to impose themselves in a very demanding segment. The quality of their models is well recognized by all body building trainers, and any search for reviews and recommendations will show very encouraging ratings.

Sole company have somehow managed to convince most hotels managers to buy such machines for their gym halls. Consequently, when big hotel chains like Hilton, Monaco and Omni use Sole treadmills models, then you feel a lot better when considering buying such a body building gear yourself.

Sole treadmills have the best warranty in the segment, they offer thirty years for the engine, and they include an attractive money refund system, if you are not satisfied with your product for any reason whatsoever, you will get all your money back. Quality Sole treadmills don't come at a cheap price so it is very advantageous for the user to be given the chance to try the model for a month to see if it fits expectations.

Another thing to know is that the treadmill body is meant to last for an indefinite period of time. Sole company has launched a variety of models on the market, and the F85 is one of the most appreciated. Including tons of new features the machine is marvelous and very simple to fold and deposit in some corner.

Its price is about $2,000, but it's not the most expensive machine in the category though it offers good Sole quality. The F85 comes with a speed control, inclination control and a system for heart monitoring. This model can support a person that weighs up to 400 pounds and allows the user to introduce its own programmed workout routine.

From all Sole treadmills the cheapest one is the F63 at only $1,100, although it is a lot simpler and many modern features are missing, this is still a Sole model. Electronics are very good indeed, but what remains impressive at all Sole models is the smooth running and walking capacity. Even the cheapest model is still expensive when compared to average treadmills that cost almost half the sum and have many more features.

The disadvantage with cheap treadmills is that most of them are designed to last just after their warranty is over, which explains the low cost as such. Buying Sole treadmills means purchasing reputation, tradition and first off all quality; in their one decade of existence they always tried to achieve perfection, this is actually the key for the Sole success.

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