Treadmills are a type of sport gear that allows the athlete to run or walk indoors. In the past, the term referred to a kind of mill operated either by an animal or by man in order to grind the grain. The same system used on mills is used for sport equipment, the belt solution is similar in applications on both electrical engines and flywheels. Treadmills come in two variants: the cheap version that doesn't have an engine and the band moves only when somebody walks on it as it acts only to oppose motion. The other more expensive range of models have an electrical engine that helps the athlete exercise easier and with much more fun.

Historically speaking treadmills were used for the first time in 1817 in prisons as a method to reform troublesome prisoners. Later on they were developed especially for hospitals, good examples here are the treadmills models used by Dr Robert Bruce who used them to diagnose heart and lung affections. In 1968 Dr Kenneth Cooper published a book about the improved health of treadmill users. This was the first scientific argument that gave an impulse to the manufacturing of treadmills.

Modern treadmills have many functions and parameters that offer a lot of information to the user. Thus there are models that can count steps, monitor the heart beating rate or the amount of calories the person has lost until that moment. Many people suffering from cardiovascular dysfunctions prefer using this equipment as it is much more comfortable when compared with similar non-treadmill practice. While exercising you can watch your favorite show or speak to someone from the family, home treadmills will keep you away from the gym if this is what you want.

An indoor treadmill is a good solution to work out on bad weather and low temperatures, treadmills reduce impact risks since all models have some safety methods to absorb the shock. Running inside eliminates air resistance so running will be simpler. The digital display of modern treadmills will tell you the speed you are running with, which will help you adjust the effort in order to finish a planned exercise.

The biggest disadvantage with treadmills is that most users have the tendency to lose interest in time, not to mention the fact that the cost of buying a treadmill is much higher than running outside. Another disadvantage is that treadmills take a lot of place, and you'll need an entire room to practice. Last but not least, the biggest disadvantage when compared with normal running is that indoors effort increases the chances of inhaling too much dust while running alongside a park is like paradise for your lungs.

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