Weslo Cadence Treadmill

The Weslo cadence treadmill is produced by the Icon Fitness corporation that includes Weslo producing facilities. There are four treadmill models manufactured by this company the C 22, the 340 CS, the 255 DR and the C78. Their price ranges from a modest sum of $199 to $699 as the models are designed primarily for walking and running; they can be purchased from regular sports stores or ordered directly on the Internet.

As the price suggests these machines are not created for professional athletes that can exhaust them in a day but for amateurs that like the idea of taking a walk in front of the TV. The C22 has a price that can overcome all competition, the low cost however can have its drawbacks too. The model doesn't have a cushioned track, for instance, which means more pressure on the runner's joints and back. Moreover the inclination angle of the Weslo cadence treadmill can only be modified manually.

The 340 CS Weslo cadence treadmill has a larger engine, while the starting model comes with a 1hp engine, furthermore, the 340 CS brings a 2hp motor and a cushioned track option too. The model allows you to jog but but not run; the model is not at all suitable for running. An upgrade of the 340 CS is the 255DR Weslo cadence treadmill series that costs $699, this model offers the user the possibility to adjust the running angle while exercising.

The problem is with the track that is still forty-five inches long and thus unfit for running. The C78 Weslo cadence treadmill overcomes these problems and offers a longer running surface of 54 inches, a 2.75 hp motor, and an inclination angle that can be adjusted automatically. Last but not least it also includes a cardiovascular function for monitoring the heart.

If you intend to buy a Weslo cadence treadmill be sure that you are familiar with the technical features of the model. Thus the C22 model is made for walking, the 340CS for walking and jogging and the C78 Weslo cadence treadmill for running. If you are training for a marathon or some other athletic competition you should look for a machine that has a price over $1,500.

Like many other treadmills Weslo solutions can be the best variant for some of us. If you've never jogged before and you would like to start to work out, then Weslo might be the best for you. So in the end it is all about putting the right equipment in the right place, Weslo has its buyers and they are not just a few since like all low cost solutions they meet the requirements of a very broad market segment.

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