Weslo Treadmill

Weslo treadmill models have been a great hit on the market, satisfying the needs of both amateur and professional users. Weslo treadmill machines come with a very attractive offer for the average buyer. This trade mark combines low costs and high quality remaining one of the cheapest on the market, the Weslo treadmill has no competition when speaking about a low acquisition price. No matter how limited your budget is, Weslo will make you a good offer that will help you buy a new equipment, so with less than $200 everybody can have some simple gym equipment items.

Weslo treadmill comes with the lowest motorization system on the market, their running deck is small-sized and perfect for any house corner. Many reviews point out to the fact that a professional runner won't appreciate the Weslo treadmill too much, but most of the fitness enthusiasts that simply like to run or walk will consider it an affordable machine. The Weslo treadmill manufacturer, Icon Health and Fitness targets a market sector that would not pay more than $1000 for such a device. The low cost do no imply that you cannot benefit from modern design and advanced technical features, thus you can monitor your accomplishments and parameters: speed and burned calories here included. The processed data is afterwards displayed on a digital screen.

Unlike high quality treadmills Weslo treadmill models are designed with a smaller belt and lower deck, they also lack the power that extensions models have. Being so cheap Weslo models come with a very reduced warranty and it is highly advisable to pay some extra dollars to extend the standard warranty package. The cheapest device costs no more than $199, and it has a very small engine of about 1hp. The deck is of 13x40 inches and the top speed is five mph. The Weslo C78 comes with some improvements like the engine power which was increased to 2.75 hp and the top speed which was doubled to 10 mph. This model is suitable for weight loss programs or other simple fitness exercises.

Another Weslo treadmill appreciated model is the C32, it has a running surface of 45x15 inches, but the engine is pretty weak with only 2 hp. The top speed is 8 mph, but the machine is definitely a good solution for most people who like fitness exercises, not to mention that BSit comes at a price of $ 300. A better model is the C62, it costs about $500 and it offers a running board of 50x18 inches, the engine is weak with only 2 hp, the top speed is 10mph but it suits the needs of average users.

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