Weightlifting Belts

Back injuries are among the most frequent accidents that appear as a consequence of advanced body building exercises, nevertheless, risks can be significantly lowered if the athletes wear weightlifting belts for the support of the muscles. When do back injuries appear? Back strains are the most common problems that appear when moving in the wrong way, you will experience severe pain that can be temporary or chronic. Weightlifting belts increase the safety level of the athlete enabling one to perform strenuous exercises without having to fear for their muscle condition. The manner in which the belts are worn is all crucial for the matter as they are similar to regular belts worn around the hips.

Weightlifting belts were initially worn by Olympic athletes, and it has become popular only in recent years to be part of the equipment of recreational lifters as well. Nowadays, wearing such belts does not depend on the skill or the experience of the lifter, the only thing that needs to be mentioned here is that the improper use of these belts can be equally harmful to one's health. Hence, you'd better make sure you get the instructions well before starting to use such an item of equipment whether for professional or recreational weightlifting purposes.

Weightlifting belts have to be worn tightly but without affecting the quality of the breathing, since correct body oxygenation is all too important for the athlete's health. Most people who come to use these belts are impressed to realize that the weight they are able to lift when wearing them is a lot higher than when not using such support at all. There is a close connection between the way the athlete breathes and the support offered by weightlifting belts: thus, always take a deep breath before lifting the weights off the rack, and release the air from the chest only when the bar is off the ground.

The abdominal muscles will take part of the stress that would otherwise be pressing against the back bones, hence, the weightlifting belts will increase the pressure inside the abdomen providing an increased support for the entire muscular and osteo-articular structure. When pushing the stomach outwards, the lower back will also push against the weightlifting belts, thus significantly reducing the chances of back injury. For anyone interested in very heavy lifting only high quality weightlifting belts are recommended, since the bigger the challenge, the greater the risk of back injury.

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