Dutty Wine

The song that started “everything”, “Dutty Wine” by Tony Matterhorn gave rise to a whole dancing craze among women all over the world. Considered both very sensuous and soliciting from a physical point of view, dutty wine is danced by women who move their neck and posterior simultaneously while the legs follow some kind of butterfly movement. When first launched in 2006, the dutty wine became immediately popular particular with the Jamaican communities in the United States and in the UK. However, there are all sorts of controversies related to this dance, particularly since it could be dangerous by the complexity of the movements it involves.

The whole issue about the dutty wine started when a girl of eighteen died after performing in a dance contest. There is no evidence that the girl's death was related to the dynamics of the dance, but doubts could not be eliminated easily. Experts do claim that when the body is thrown into some extreme positions like those required by the dutty dance the bones and the ligaments can be harmed, and bone shifting could easily occur. A certain physical condition may not be directly caused by the dutty wine, but in case it is pre-existent, complications could appear.

The most common problems one could experience after performing the dutty wine include pains in the neck and the shoulders. However, most dancers who have practiced the dutty wine are very enthusiastic about the movements as such, claiming that they have not experienced any pain or discomfort after performing it. There may appear dizziness if you spin the head too hard, but there is a long way from there to actually getting an injury. However, do not try the dutty wine unless you feel comfortable with it, and don't exaggerate with the moves; you can feel the pleasure of the dutty wine even when you're not keeping the rhythm with the best professional dancers.

The beat and the rhythm of the dutty wine could be really catchy; this is how many girls try to learn it by simply watching videos on TV or on the Internet. The dutty wine has also been included in dance classes and in dance contests, but once again we should insist that the performance needs some practice and a lot of care so as to avoid possible accidents. Otherwise, go ahead have a good time, party and enjoy the daring moves of the dutty wine!

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