Bikram Yoga

The other name under which Bikram yoga is known is Hot yoga, and it is a combination of western and eastern elements due to the fact that it appeared in the United States. Bikram yoga takes the name after the yogi master who perfected it and brought the elements of novelty to the existing yoga tradition; the most specific element to be found in association with Bikram yoga is the practice of the asanas in well heated rooms. This means that you'll be trying all sorts of postures, breathing techniques and meditations at more than 100F.

Most people consider Bikram yoga to have a low up to an intermediate level of difficulty; it is presently practiced by people of all ages interested in achieving a certain level of physical well-being and spiritual evolution. Bikram yoga mainly consists of twenty-six asanas and several breathing exercises, and as a means of helping practitioners, books and courses have been issued to assist beginners. Nevertheless, Bikram yoga is best practiced in organized groups and under the close watch and guidance of a trained master.

Anyone who's getting ready for a Bikram yoga class should not forget to take a towel and a good yoga mat, since there will be a lot of sweating. Furthermore, students are strongly encouraged to wear as few clothes as possible, for the very same reason; a sticky t-shirt can often distract one's attention, and Bikram yoga should definitely range beyond any type of personal discomfort. Besides the cleansing and the opening of the energetic channels achieved through the asanas, the heat allows for the elimination of all toxins and body wastes that are clogged at the level of the organs.

Make sure that you are properly hydrated before and after a Bikram yoga class, and one further tip of advice here is that of avoiding eating before starting the exercises. Make sure to take a meal at least two hours before beginning the asanas. An alarm bell should be rung for pregnant women interested in taking Bikram yoga classes; it is risky to perform all sorts of postures in a heated environment since the core body temperature can raise alarmingly.

The advantages of Bikram yoga over other styles is that the body tends to become more flexible in the heat, which allows one to perform some of the most difficult postures in yoga. The poses have the advantage of generating a great muscular condition while also performing a massage of the internal organs. Bikram yoga will also stimulate the nervous system and the glands, regulating their secretory function.

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